Imperial city of Vienna

Where to go?

Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of the most beautiful cities in Western Europe. For the title of the most beautiful city of Austria, it competes with equally beautiful Salzburg. What are the most important sights to see in Vienna?

The main point and the “command center” of the Habsburg dynasty was the Hofburg Palace for over seven centuries. It is a complex of many buildings for various purposes, serving the royal family throughout the period of reign until 1918. So they are apartments, a treasury, chapel, parks, squares, art galleries and museums where dynasty members were enamored and thanks to which Vienna can enjoy one of the richest collections in Europe and in the world.

Another important monument is the Imperial Apartments, that is wealth and splendor. Just get in to feel like a member of the imperial court. You have a chance to wander around the audience room, the conference room and the emperor’s office, where the politics and affairs of the state were dealt with, as well as private chambers, salons, bathrooms and the gymnastic and toilet room of the Empress Sissi.

Visiting Vienna is not only classic monuments. The city is full of places for active people during the day and at night. Clubs in the city center are some of the best in Austria. When looking for a place to rest, you should be interested in the offer of Vienna hostels because of their very attractive offer for tourists. They are an affordable place, located close to the center and with very attractive conditions.

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