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Vienna is a special place. The monuments located in this beautiful city are known throughout Europe, and travel agencies have been encouraging them to get to know each other for years.

This city is a real treat for a person who loves sightseeing, because the numerous monuments of Vienna make it possible to visit this city for hours and never discover it all. One of the more frequently chosen objects to visit are certainly such buildings as the Cathedral of St. Stephen, whose characteristic roof tiles attract attention from afar or imperial palaces such as Sch├Ânbrunn or Belweder. This first building can certainly be called the famous symbol of Vienna. The palaces, on the other hand, are real gems of ancient architecture, which are really unique in the surroundings of beautiful gardens.


Vienna is a city with an incredibly rich history, numerous monuments are associated in some way with the Habsburg dynasty, which for many decades reigned in the Austrian lands. The city is also a place where art developed, and now there are many museums where we can get acquainted with works of art or get to know the life of every day residents. The many sights of Vienna make it something to watch all the time.


To get to know all the monuments of Vienna and collections, we should spend a few days in it. That’s why it’s a good idea to book our accommodation in advance. The perfect solution is to be able to use Vienna hostels. We find there very comfortable rooms at attractive prices.

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