Why should we go to Venice?

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Venice is a very beautiful country, which is visited by a lot of tourists every season regardless of the season. So if we are in this city even for a moment, what is worth visiting?


The Venetian Bridge of Sighs is very popular, among others. The Venetian Bridge of Sighs involves both romantic and gloomy stories. Legends proclaim that lovers who kiss on this bridge will soon be standing on a wedding carpet.

The Bridge of Sighs is located on the Palace Canal, connecting the Ducal Palace with the road leading to the prison. Most probably, his name came from the sighs of the condemned, who for the last time could look from this bridge to the world. In addition to them, it was also a place of love sighs, longing for their partners. No wonder that the Bridge has been repeatedly recorded on the pages of novels and collections of poetry.


Undoubtedly, St. Mark’s Square is the most famous place in Venice. Although it is located in the oldest part of the city, it still has modern shopping centers, restaurants and other public facilities.


It is worth adding that St. Mark’s Square is often flooded by water. Fortunately, the water disappears as quickly as it appeared. However, for the tourists to be able to move freely around this area, the Venetians set up low platforms formed in pedestrian lines.


When choosing Venice as the destination of our trip, it is worth thinking about accommodation. In this city, hotels are often very expensive, especially in the center. That’s why the perfect solution is to go to hostels Venice. Deciding on such accommodation certainly will not pay much.

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